Rohan Jayasekera

Writer & Researcher

Fundraiser & Project Manager

Tech Consultant

Rohan Jayasekera

Writer & Researcher

Fundraiser & Project Manager

Tech Consultant

About Me

A writer & editor working in museums, publishing & digital culture R&D, with long experience in cultural programming, the journalism of conflict, and public advocacy. I am a skilled freelance fundraiser & project manager, currently researching digital information ecosystems.

  • Working: Freelance
  • My Trade: Digital Media
  • My Interests Technology & Culture
  • My Experience: Global
  • Based: London & Sussex
My Working Spaces

Exploring built digital media information spaces; unnatural ecosystems where humans seek to live sustainably & well.


Creative information project research & development for 'small media', and arts, cultural & museum sector partners.


Delivering all kinds of media, cultural & technological projects; drawing on years of personal contacts, expertise & experience.


A digital media lab for small publishers and a creative advocate for free expression rights between the virtual, the real, and the actual.

A LinkedIn Recommendation
An excellent journalist, great writer, and a committed free expression advocate, he possesses huge amounts of energy and brings enthusiasm to any project he oversees, manages or commissions.
Natasha Schmidt
Natasha Schmidt
Recent Funding Partners
News in Brief
I am currently working on a book idea about platform media & journalism, called (provisionally) Artisan Reporters & Cyborg Journalists. On non-writing days I work part-time as a business support officer for a small post-Edwardian museum in Bexhill on the Sussex coast, a traditional place with modern aspirations in a changing world. On non-museum, non-writing days, I work in my digital media R&D 'virtual workshop', Vivarta, researching media theory & practice, tools & techniques. Vivarta is a non-profit limited company, registered in the UK.
Development Projects
Bexhill Museum

Leading new reorganisation & sustainability programmes

2017- Present
Digital producer

New programmes & projects for  media & cultural organisations.

2014 - 2017
Technology Advisor
Internews Europe

Development strategies for digital news verification tools & practices

2000- 2013
Deputy Chief Executive
Index on Censorship

Defending free expression rights in the world’s toughest corners

Managing Editor

Opened IWPR's first award-winning multilingual online news service

Goldsmiths College

Digital Media MA with distinction, in Technology & Cultural Form

Birkbeck College

Politics MSc, in Nationalist & Ethno-Religious Conflict Studies

2004 - 2005
ITC GAIN Programme

Specialist training for high calibre BAME potential board members

2002 & 2008
Conflict Zone Survival
AKE, Hereford

Level Four BTEC certificate in Surviving Hostile Regions

Skills & Expertise
  • Culture & Technology
  • Information Ecosystems
  • Culture & Nationalism
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Culture & Society
  • Digital Projects
  • Writing & Editing
  • Publishing & Production
  • Research & Analysis
  • Policy Development
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Lockdown Transition
Supported Works
Digital Realm
Concept R&D
Concept R&D
A Thousand Girls Like Me
Supported Works
Artraker Awards
Creative Advocacy
Riverside exhibition
Supported Works
Art and the Law
Creative Advocacy
Content & Context
Creative Advocacy
Tunisia Monitoring Group
Creative Advocacy
Past Articles
October 21, 2016 Whose side are you on? Facebook thinks it knows best

An early look at Facebook’s algorithmic power to personalise your online worldviews – and close you off to outside points of view during major political events.

Ayman Mhanna
October 3, 2016 Understanding the ties that bind global media development

The first results from an analysis in-process of the Global Forum for Media Development were released at its recent meeting in Jakarta. They make for interesting reading.

September 5, 2016 The media: Agenda makers or agenda changers?

Should the media development sector expect journalism’s to prioritise contributions to ‘good governance’ before challenging unjust power structures?

July 9, 2016 Free speech will prevail when we accord it to others

To mark the 250th edition of Index on Censorship, various worthies were asked to pick their favourite article from its archives. One of them left a lasting impact on me.

Get in Touch
  • London base: The Free Word Centre
    60 Farringdon Road
    London EC1R 3GA
  • Sussex base: Bexhill Museum
    Egerton Road
    Bexhill-on-Sea TN39 3HL
  • Email:
  • Mobile: +44 (0)795 682 7251
  • PGP: 2B7FD78A1393045B
  • Twitter: @rohanjay
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